Homepage of Martin Vinck

Dr. Jessica Cardin - state-dependence, interneurons

Prof. Dr. Cyriel Pennartz, Drs. Jeroen Bos, Dr. Conrado Bosman & Dr. Luc Gentet - multisensory integration, neuronal representations in perirhinal cortex, oscillations in barrel cortex
and medial temporal lobe.

Dr. Francesco Battaglia, Prof. Dr. Bruce McNaughton & Prof. Dr. Paul Tiesinga - memory reactivation, Granger-causality

Dr. Thilo Womelsdorf - mechanisms of attentional selection in prefrontal cortex, neuronal oscillations

Prof. Dr. Pascal Fries - gamma oscillations in V1 (phase coding, mechanisms).

Bori Duray & Prof. Dr. Pieter Voorn - analysis of multi-areal recordings in a rat model of Parkinson disease.

Prof. Dr. Wytse Wadman & Luuk van der Velden - synchronization in VTA using MEA technology.

Sahand Bapapoor & Prof. Dr. Stefan Everling

A.J. Han Vinck - Information Theory, Entropy estimation; check Han’s latest book

Cris Niell - mouse V1 data