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January, 2019
Vinck, M., Perrenoud, Q. Layers of rhythms - from cortical anatomy to dynamics. 2019. Preview/Discussion on the Senzai et al. (2019) paper in Neuron.

January 2019: Paper accepted in eLife (open access)
Peter, A.*, Uran, C*, Klon-Lipok, J, Roese, R., van Stijn, S., Barnes, W., Dowdall, J, Singer, W, Fries, P, Vinck, M. Surface color and predictability determine contextual modulation of V1 firing and gamma oscillations. 2019. eLife

  Looking for PhD and master students
We are looking for multiple Phd students to work on big data projects on developing new algorithms and software for high-dimensional neural datasets. Also looking for master students. See Jobs.

October 2018, Paper accepted in eLife (open access)

Miri, M.*, Vinck, M.*, Pant, R., Cardin, J. Altered hippocampal interneuron activity precedes ictal onset.
2018. eLife.

*equally contributing authors.

We used optogenetics and electrophysiology to record from specific GABAergic interneurons in the hippocampus before and during epileptic seizures.The hippocampus is the main focus where seizures originate, and inhibition is thought to play a critical role in the generation of epileptic seizures. The reason for this is that inhibition plays a critical role in stabilizing network dynamics and balancing recurrent excitatory activity. We used optogenetics to identify specific identified GABAergic interneurons, and tracked their activity before and during seizures. Surprisingly, we found a very strong increase in the firing of a specific interneuron (PV interneuron) right before the seizure. In addition, we found that their activity becomes decoupled from the excitatory cell activity. These PV interneurons are thought to play a critical role in network stabilization. These data suggest that an increase in their activity together with decoupling from excitatory neurons could cause epileptic seizures.

September 2018
My old colleague Jeroen Bos got his PhD at the University of Amsterdam. Congratulations, Jeroen! It was great fun working together with you. Any lab will be lucky to have Jeroen for postdoc. Jeroen's thesis (some parts under embargo) can be found at the UvA website. Including some nice unpublished work we did together on how the brain represents other agents.

25-28 September 2018, Berlin
We will be at Bernstein Computational Neuroscience Meeting in Berlin. Cem is presenting.

29-31st August 2018:
We had a great "ESI-Sync 2018" meeting. Thanks Miriam, Ana, Maestro Andre and Nina.

August 2018: Paper in Current Opinion Neurobiology
Batista-Brito*, R, Zagha*, E, Ratliff, J., Vinck, M*. Modulation of cortical circuits by top-down processing and arousal state in health and disease. Current Opinion in Neurobiology.

Paper with some good old friends from the Yale times.
Interneuron mechanisms of top-down attention and state modulation and how it might be contribute to psychiatric diseases like schizophrenia.

July 2018: Paper accepted in Plos Computational Biology (open access)
Grossberger, L., Battaglia, F., Vinck, M. Unsupervised clustering of temporal patterns in high-dimensional neuronal ensembles using a novel dissimilarity measure. PLOS Computational Biology.

Impressive work from master student Lukas, and long collaboration with Fra. Too bad Lukas declined IMPRS offer and got hired by Bosch Machine Learning group.

June 2018: Paper accepted in Nature Neuroscience
Pesaran, B. Vinck, M., Einevoll, G., Sirota, A., Fries, P., Siegel, M., Truccolo, W., Schroeder, C., Srinivasan, R. 2018. Investigating large-scale brain dynamics using field potential recordings: Analysis and interpretation. Nature Neuroscience

Useful piece for advanced graduate students who wants to learn more about interpreting and analyzing brain data. Thanks to Bijan for organizing this.